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June 22, 2007

Business Name vs Logo

Your business name is very important as your logo. What ever image you want to portray, both should go hand in hand. There are plenty of businesses putting their complete name as their company name. Sometimes even it is hard to spell and remember, these so called businessmen are still trying to be proud that they have their own business registered and they themselves owned it and is one of a kind. Well, that won't harm you, but will surely harm your business.

Remember that your personal identity is very much different from the business you are trying to establish. Unless, you have a very simple name and is very much business-sound-like, ie: "Landor" or "Oscar Collumbus and Associates" there is no problem with that. But if your name is too long to pronounce and hard to understand that even you had a hard time writing it down in school, better not use it.

Think of Hotmail, FedEx, CoffeeBean and Tea Leaf, etc... just by their names you can guess what products and services they are offering. There are also names such as Yahoo, Google, Nike, Apple, that when you first hear it you'll be confuse of its meaning. But HOW these companies have established a very strong identity and image around the world? HOW did they reach their target market and vice versa? WHY they become part of our lives and some sort of a need? That's where research, marketing strategy, branding and many more aspect in business had worked together, and with an overflowing budget just to sustain their market presence.

So, if you are 100% business minded but not creative enough to come-up with a good business name and design your own logo, don't be afraid to hire a professional or consult a creative director or go to advertising/design firm nearest you. After all, it's an investment. Having your logo and company name trade marked (or service marked) is a PLUS, especially if you aim to reach wide range of international market.

In Brunei, the only person i know you can consult regarding intellectual property, copyright and trademark is Atty: Sebastian Ang

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