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June 28, 2007

Macs Gone Wild

My 'coffee-buddy' goes crazy - KERNEL PANIC. It forced me to off and restart every 5-10 minutes, even there is no application running. I searched on the net regarding the problem, and found similar issues on macoxhint forum. I just sent it for repair, maybe it's the logic board problem. Last time, it was a defective heat-sink. I'm wondering what's next?

More apple defects can be read here.

In spite of this, i still love Mac compared to Windows or Vista that are very prone to viruses.

If you are a designer planning to buy a laptop, macbook is not the right answer. It's just good for frequent traveler who need it for blogs, emails , surfing, and managing photos. Macbook Pro is quite better but if you don't want to work mobile and wanted a more stable one without turning your fan on (because of overheating issues on macbooks), it is good to have an iMac or the super computer - Mac Pro.

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